Extra line space linespace.sty
Put a blank line of space between two paragraphs. But if the space ends up on a page break, it draws a horizontal line.
Obfuscate text randtext.sty
Place text (e.g., an e-mail address) on a page so it looks nice, but it can't be copied/pasted directly (so spammers can't harvest it).
PDF outline pdfoutline.sty
Converts section headings into a PDF outline.
Page macros pagenums.sty
Various macros for dealing with PDF page numbering features
Resize footnotes fnsize.sty
Resizes footnotes to comply with appellate brief rules.
Sorting macros sortlist.sty
Sorts a list of items.
String macros strings.sty
Basic macros that underlie many of my other packages
Text block sizing setatwid.sty
Sets a block of text in as rectangular a shape as possible
Titling macros titling.sty
A more generalized approach to parametrized titling


Appellate briefs frap32.cls
Federal appeals court brief document class
Appellate macros frapcomm.sty
Federal appeals court filings, common elements
Appellate motions frap27.cls
Federal appeals court motion document class
Brief macros commbrief.sty
Common elements for briefs
Patent Claim Translator
Converts patent claim language into somewhat more readable text.
Supreme Court briefs scotus.cls
Supreme Court brief document class


Command-Line UNIX unixcmd.pdf
Shorter Unix presentation (basics on Unix commands, printing, etc.)
Procmail Presentation (Powerpoint) procmail.ppt
Powerpoint presentation on using Procmail
UNIX Presentation (Powerpoint) unix.ppt
Powerpoint presentation on using UNIX, with slide annotations. Most of the information is for UNIX in general, but some is specific to the FAS Network.
UNIX Quick Reference commands.pdf
UNIX commands and tips.


A Theoretical Taxonomy and Analysis of Anti-Spam Technologies thesis.pdf
My Harvard senior thesis.
Curriculum Vitae resume.pdf
Generated using LaTeX and a custom document class